Meet Alec!
"Food? Are you talking about my ex wife? Did you know I once got renamed Alec Stanfood because of a typo. Well I can tell you, a wedding was prepped and I married food that day. Fun times"
For today's Master, we'll be taking a look at Alec Stanford, the Illustrator Master. He has been here for a good minute as well, but as usual be sure to follow us on Instagram at @worldofolympians and show Alec's post some love.

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Alec Stanford is apart of the Force cluster and a son of Nike. He also has Victorious Strength as a status. Alec is the eldest to the biggest family on World of Olympians so far. The Stanford family has more than 80 members and at 40 he's a great grandfather.

Alec started off as a lilac and was the Monsters 101 Instructor for an entire year before becoming the Illustrator Master. Alec is quite the goofball, he's super sweet and caring as well.

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