Queue The Music!!
Volume 3

Hello, my musically inclined friends! Today, on my third volume of Queue the Music, we shall be discussing, the very influential Genre of Blues! Isn't that exciting? The answer should be yes, but if you're still not convinced, please read on!

Blues music! One of many genres, that the African American Population heavily helped shape and influence! This is because, the blues, originated on plantations in the south! Many sharecroppers and slaves would sing songs, of hardships, and personal problems as they worked during the day!

This in part, is why, "Having the Blues" comes from being sad. However, the genre itself is not all sad. It's about freeing yourself, and letting loose! For quite some time, it stayed down in the south, not really becoming mainstream. That is, till the 1940's and 1930's!

The Blues originated in the south, and slowly moved from plantations to New Orleans, where another similar movement, The Jazz movement, was happening. The two intermingled, and influenced eachother, and still do to this day. No one really knows who made The Blues mainstream, but it has shaped two other genre's of music. Rythym and Blues, "R n' B" and Rock and Roll!

On the list for our features blue's artists this week, include, but certaintly aren't limited to:
Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters, one of the original musicians of blues! He's quite the man, and has many achievements, a song of his is: Long Distance Call! Check it out!
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix, has dabbled in many a' genres! But, he also has some blues hits I would totally reccomend: Red House! Go, listen to it!
Bessie Smith
Couldn't leave out a wonderful woman! She's quite the gal, (I did really use that word, so sorry) With songs like: Need a little sugar in my bowl.
The Allman Brothers Band
A bit more modernized, but still amazing! Go check out Midnight Rider! 10/10

Song of the week! You know the drill by now! Here ya go!

Dust My Broom
by Elmore James  
written by:
Ziza Fernson
Thank you for coming folks! I'll be here in another two weeks! Have fun being more musically inspired!

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