WHAT is it like having a job: CABIN LEADER
Hello, campers! It's one of your hopefully favorite bloggers, Cyrus Brown again. So for this weeks blog, we will be focusing on our greps of the site, as known as our Cabin Leaders! Cabin Leaders jobs are to enforce the rules here on WoO in the chat, and topics. They can be found on the Demigod Map or in chat and can be recognized by their dark greppy names! Although this week I'll be interviewing not one, but two Cabin Leaders This weeks star Cabin Leaders will be the one and only,

Mattie McLean and Liam Kingston!

So...you guys heard what Mattie had to say, and that sounds like a LOT. Now let's hear what Mr. Kingston has to say about his greppy life: "Well, I love being a Cabin Leader! The best parts of it would definitely be all of the amazing people that actually make the team, and enforcing the rules around the site can be quite scary, but it's really fun. A difficult part of the job is definitely, managing your time. I tend to procrastinate a bit, but I think that I'll definitely get used to the flow of being a Cabin Leader. Although I tend to enjoy the entire experience, and it's quite nice to think of myself as a role model for the site. I don't do as many topics a week as I like, but I think I'll get used to it since I've only been a Cabin Leader for...17 days?? Which isn't much, so I definitely have time and room to improve!"
I specifically chose these two since they're both newer additions to the Cabin Leader Team, although their were a lot of amazing people who got hired as well! Now it's time to hear Mattie's opinion of being a Cabin Leader: Well, I guess the best parts would be our amazing team. We all work so hard with locking topics and making sure that everything is running smoothly. I remember when I first joined, I was given a warm welcome into the team by the lovely Greps that make up the Cabin Leaders Team! Well if I had to pick just one, I'd say there isn't enough time for me to do as many topics per week as I aim to and still earn Cluster Points. I guess the thing is that I procrastinate a lot and just don't have a lot of time to get things done. I enjoy being a Cabin leader because it means I get to be a role model for others. I always want to be an influence on people and I want to act like a good role model so that people can try and be their best."

Open Jobs:

Might Cabin Leader

Assistant Instructors for Swordsmanship and Astronomy

Authors for Both Papers

Chronicle Team

Marketing Team

Quest Team

Well, my lovely demigods, that brings you to the end of the blog for this week! I hope you guys all have a good day or get some sleep unlike the greps if it's nighttime for ya! And with that being said, until next time peace out!
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