.: Divine Aesthetics :.

.: Volume 23 :.

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Divine Aesthetics with Ciaran! In this blog post, I will give you a set of pictures to represent a divine, or a deity, that is being chosen. You can absolutely use them as references, or anything that you wish to. Expect to see me weekly, and I hope you will enjoy the pictures I have chosen!

Now, the chosen divine for this edition would be....

.: Demeter :

(Disclaimer: The quote and the pictures do NOT belong to me.)

Your power and your wisdom
has been of such help,
good Lady Demeter.
I'm honored,
and this is the least I can do
in exchange.
- Zagreus -

That is it for this week's Divine Aesthetics! Again, I hope you enjoy these pictures. If you have any ideas for the next edition, feel free to send an Iris Message (IM) to me, Ciaran Colquhoun. See you again soon!

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