How To Fall In Love: Stalk the Person..?
Advice is something we all need truly, so here are the grad staff members giving you their advice on certain situations!

- From : Justin Angelo

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Emrys Fernandinho

Emrys Fernandinho Adeline taught me too: Stalk the person. Kidnap the person, Brainwash them to fall in love. Maybe I should ask Phythia for advice on love. Great article Justin and Mauricio

Athena Aetos

Athena Aetos Stalking is not helpful... or do I have to spell it out in poetry for you people?

Perion Pharaon

Perion Pharaon you people saying that stalking is helpful- the only thing it helped me with is a developing a super weird crush, would not recommend, 0% :'( hopefully the other advises would be more helpful :D

Malin Katarina

Malin Katarina Hmm, I should try this out...

Xahria Knightwoods

Xahria Knightwoods Stalking someone to make them fall in love with you..... Varian Knightwoods, did you help writing this article? ......I meant amazing article Justin and Mauricio!

Brielle Castillion

Brielle Castillion gee I wonder what advice Justin would give

Evelyn Gold

Evelyn Gold 100% fell in love with my stalker <3 Maur is always right

Ashlynn Rose

Ashlynn Rose Guys, stalking is the best way. 100%. Great arrival and advice!

Callie Chapmen

Callie Chapmen Great advice!

Ace Stone

Ace Stone I needed this!

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Nice advice!

Beckett Anderson

Beckett Anderson Good advice, Mauricio! Maybe I'll try that method out

Bethany Takami

Bethany Takami Nice article and advice!

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