✦ Godly Spotlight #001
Learn about the Gods and Goddesses and their true stories with Annaliese Jackson!

- From : Justin Angelo

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Fathe Keeper

Fathe Keeper Nice

Leon Jayden

Leon Jayden Interesting

Azriel Bellerose

Azriel Bellerose Love this! Great job!

Dianna Polyta

Dianna Polyta cool

Elodie Westbrook


Pepper Campbell

Pepper Campbell Why can I not upvote- But awesome job! I will just have to show my support here. <3

Squall Leonhart

Squall Leonhart Awesome

Elena Sanchez

Elena Sanchez Wow, amazing job Annaliese! Go apply for Marketing!!

Anak Aitken

Anak Aitken Good job Annaliese as well!

Anak Aitken

Anak Aitken Amazing Justin. Just spectacular, good job!

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