Class Debrief
Have you ever wondered which classes to take but wanted to know more? Well, here you are.  Each week we will look at a different class offered at Camp Half-Blood.

- From : Harrick Myles

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Xahria Knightwoods


Alyssa Chase

Alyssa Chase Wow, this is amazing!

*tries to ignore the fact that she’s the only one so far who commented and didn’t have a job*

And I love theater, so Avyn, awesome job!

Troy Miller

Troy Miller Fabulous job as per usual Avyn!!!

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Awesome job once again!

Emrys Fernandinho

Emrys Fernandinho Great job Avyn

Mattie McLean

Mattie McLean Such a great blog! I really enjoyed it. For some reason, I've been grading Theater homework instead of doing it. Nice work nonetheless!

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Uwu, this is amazing! Sounds super fun <3

Sophia Peverell

Sophia Peverell This was a lovely blog Avyn! And yes yes yes, go take theatre everyone! Andrew and Xahria are amazing, lovely and hardworking people

Teddy Oswald

Teddy Oswald WE WRITE SINS NOT GREEK TRAGEDIES :D that's what popped up in my mind suddenly xD invited to a dinner party sounds so much fun omg :o jksdcfdsk all the love to this class debrief and to theatre class (Andrew and Xahria) <3<3

Maciej Swit

Maciej Swit YES! You will also learn how to speak SHAKESPEARETH

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