Color of the Week: Purple
Ahh, colors! They are pretty amazing aren't they? Well, hear all about them with Katniss Baily and her colors of the week!

- From : Cyrus Knightley-Brown

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Felicia Rivers

Felicia Rivers Awesome blog Katniss! Purple is lovely :D

Cyra Kinsley

Cyra Kinsley I love purple ;)

Alexander Sutherland

Alexander Sutherland Both the colour purple and the Cabin Leaders are amazing!

Avisera Saelau

Avisera Saelau YASSSSSSSSSSSSS GREPS!!!!! lovely blog katniss ;D

Lia Tucker

Lia Tucker Gotta love the cabin leaders! :)

Alyona Bardot

Alyona Bardot yay for purple and yay for cabin leaders!

Stellan Knightley-Brown

Stellan Knightley-Brown Yay, cabin leaders!! What a lovely bunch of people :D

Poppy Thorn

Poppy Thorn Colours... I can't see them, so what's the point!

Niko Loxley

Niko Loxley BLUE!

Tyrone Taylor

Tyrone Taylor Blue is the best! I love greps and all but… BLUE

Eleanor DeLancley

Eleanor DeLancley I love the greps and have absolutely no bias towards that opinion <3

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