Meaningful Names #1

- From : Cassandra Escarra

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Rona Andrew

Rona Andrew Interesting

Verey Raindust

Verey Raindust This is such a fun idea, cannot wait to see the next name!

Ezio Mercer

Ezio Mercer nice, can't wait to see who's next

Patrick Underwood

Patrick Underwood Very very Nice!

Rona Andrew

Rona Andrew Very much awesome

Emily Windfall

Emily Windfall Ooh, this was super interesting!!

Naomi Hart

Naomi Hart I love this blog! I can't wait to see who's next!

London Triplett

London Triplett Oooh I love the concept of this blog - and Cassandra Escarra is a great name, it really rolls of the tongue and fits in my opinion! :D

Andi Songura

Andi Songura Great Job and also the name Cassandra Esscara is really pretty!!)-:

Lily Khloe

Lily Khloe I agree, the name Cassandra definitely fits you and Escarra rolls of the tongue perfectly with it! Cassandra Escarra is a charming name that fits your charming personality! <3

Brielle Castillion

Brielle Castillion I love this blog, it's really fun to look into what goes in people's heads when they come up with names!

Aera Ha-Eun

Aera Ha-Eun I actually love this, Cassandra is such a pretty name!! <3

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