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Hello! It is nice to meet you! Whether you are on-site, just stopping by, or interested in writing. Hopefully, these tips will assist you in creating your best character yet. You are the writer so trust your process, do you think is best, and if you need some help, then we are here. This may even help you develop your character for fan fiction possibly, or that new alt you wanted to add to the site. World of Olympians allows you to live the life you always dreamed of, it allows you to free yourself from the real world. To escape the life you are living, to one of adventure, of being a hero, being the you that you want to be. It allows you to explore yourself as well as different personalities, ages, and perspectives, to learn a new life, and to gain knowledge.

- From : Cessair Conaghan

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Jazzmyne Renee

Jazzmyne Renee Thx

Amethyst Ross

Amethyst Ross Woah! Helps a lot!

Rona Andrew

Rona Andrew Cool and helpful

Silas Arias

Silas Arias Awesome! <3

Desdemona Wren

Desdemona Wren A very lovely and informative guide!

Charlie Thacher

Charlie Thacher Very nice!

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