Percy Jackson Quiz - The World of Olympians Edition
Yes that title is quite the mouthful but the title also covers evertyhing too. It is time to test your knowledge! How well do you know World of Olympians? It is about time to see for this Percy Jackson Quiz - The World of Olympians Edition, will do just that. You might be wondering what does Percy Jackson have to do with this quiz. Think of it like a fun game where the Percy Jackson Universe met a site, and then somehow through fire and chaos you have us here today. So basically it is a quiz about World of Olympians but surrounds the Percy Jackson universe, given we are that universe. So strap your brain in, and put your thinking cap on. The time has come to test your knowlegde, hope you are ready! Answer within the comments what your response would be, and get a little special treat if you do! Looking forward to seeing the intellect of the campers, as everyone on site is so smart. Now it is time to show your smartness off. Plus having fun as well for you get the chance to learn about others too. Welcome to our third quiz, and we hope you enjoy the test of knowledge!

- From : Cessair Conaghan

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Daphne Adair

Daphne Adair 1. C Western Hills
2. Either Ayalin or Alec, Ayalin's so cool though so I'm gonna say her.
3. Honestly I think Trust. Which I'm always up for playing.
4. I counted 15
5. Typically Saturdays
6. A or C or your dms /j
what is your favorite thing to do on site? honestly the chat is fun i'll admit it, that and topicing
what is your favourite class? okay so i love history as my top fave probably and then theatre, but combat & swordsmanship are also cool (look, it's the limes /lh)
what is your favourite item in the shops? MMC I WANT TO FINISH MY COLLECTIONS ill take donations!!
favourite power or ability? i can shock people with lightning tbh
how many items are there on site? 69,420 items. (jk, it's around 1,000 iirc)

Rick Riordan has said demigods do not (usually) live past 20, but here they can live as long as 150 years. In theory, since so far we've only had about 30 ig years (rounded), and the only people that are older than like 40 are aged up, like HoA or former grad staff, some of which are as old as like 3700.

A legacy is a child of a demigod, we only found out these existed from the second PJO series that had Camp Jupiter in it. Most of the pets on site don't exist canonically, or well they do but they aren't common pets, but unicorns and phoenixes and dragons would not exist canonically. Mermaids can walk on land, they're cool! If a demigod touches technology nothing happens unless they broadcast their voice, then it acts like a homing beacon to monsters! Capture the flag on site is trivia and it's not really fighting.

Patrick Underwood

Patrick Underwood D, A, A, B, C, A, Topic, swordmanship, CLB'S Safari, mythogenic cards, invisbility, 69

London Triplett

London Triplett C, A, D, C, C, A // Chat with people!! // Tie between History, M&L and Swordsmanship - the classes I've been flek for will always have my loyalty. // I love reading Darling Dares and playing Press Your Luck! // ALL THE PETS. // Has to be Magical Wings. // I counted around 995! // 20, 150, legacy, Camp Jupiter, I believe yes?, my guess would be unicorns, it sends out a signal to monsters, ctf here is trivia-based

Candy Popper

Candy Popper C A A C C D learning and arts and crafts and i dont know and cookies and a dont have powers yet i counted and i think rounds to 1000 items 20 150 legacy no and no idea sorry and it signals monsters to them and its a trivia on site instead of weapons

Percival Evercrest

Percival Evercrest C, A, A, C, C, A and D, grading homework, Swordsmanship, I am new so I haven't decided yet, Camp beads, idk my own powers, A LOT, 20, 150, legacy, Camp Jupiter, No I don't think they can, Ducks and Hedgehogs and Dogs and Cats ig, It send out a signal to monsters of their location, Its trivia instead of weapons

AJ Wilds

AJ Wilds 1-6. CAACCC, 7. Topicing and writing my backstory, 8. Arts and crafts obviously, 9. Honestly, I'm new so I don't know yet, 10. Lgbtq pins go pride!!! , 11. I don't really know Athena's spawn's powers yet, 12. A lot 13. I don't know the answer

Hazel Angelo

Hazel Angelo CAACCA, topicing and coming on to procrastinate :3, arts and crafts is the best imo, ummm idk fav article, idk maybe shadow travel? not counting how many items-, 20, 150, legacy, cj, no, uh cant be bothered to check, monsters yay, trivia instead of *weapons*

Inara Yang

Inara Yang 1), Western Hills, 2)*I have no idea*, 3) I need to clean my chest, 4)14, 5) Saturday? 6), Prob the Rules. 7) Chat, or IM friends! It's all about friendships and connections! (at least for me). 8) HISTORY (Sorry other instructors, your classes are awesome too, I just love History too much), 9) I love them all! 10) toothpaste Oreos are da best for pranking my many oreo loving friends 11) At this point I don't know my own powers... 12) Idk?

Callix Collias

Callix Collias Alright, my answers. 1:c, 2:a, 3:d, 4:c, 5:c, 6:a and c, 7: topicing because of how immersive it is to the PJO experience. 8: Equestrianship, obviously 0_0. 9: By far, The Interviewer's articles. So funny and we get to know the person getting interviewed too! 10: Any kind of food, particularly tomatoes. That is all Callix eats. 11: My favorite ability is the ability to cook up some magic potions for Hebe kids. That's cool. 12: no idea. Hard questions.... 13: Age 20, 14: age 150, 15: legacy 16:Camp Jupiter, 17: No. the rest idk

Rosie Granger

Rosie Granger 1: C-Western Hills
2: D- Cessair Conaghan
3: A- I need to clean my chest
4: C-14
5: C- Saturday
6: A- Rules D-Guidelines
7: Use chat
8: Music class
9: Charmspeaking
20 years, 150 in WoO, a Legacy, Camp Jupiter, dogs and cats(?), it sends out a signal to all monsters, and idk

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