Meet Alec!
The man with the biggest family on WoO so far- he's a very creative and goofy Master, meet Alec Stanford, the Illustrator Master.

- From : Cyrus Knightley-Brown

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Alec Stanford

Alec Stanford Yes the best family <3

Shiloh Tompson

Shiloh Tompson You and your team are amazing! Quite the pleasure meeting you :)

Éowynn MacKenzie

Éowynn MacKenzie I always enjoy the new drawings! Go Alec

Esther Waters

Esther Waters Love you drawings and the cloud team forever Papa Cloud!!

Sae Rose

Sae Rose YEAH PAPA ALEC <3 and woohoo Graceford!! the absolute best huge chaotic group of people :D someday we really, REALLY need to do a Graceford family reunion

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