Class Debrief
Have you ever wondered which classes to take but wanted to know more? Well, here you are.  Each week we will look at a different class offered at Camp Half-Blood.

- From : Jaret Donnelly

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Teddy Oswald

Teddy Oswald Great job, Avyn! :D

Teddy Oswald

Teddy Oswald Oooh I love this! Will definitely put it on my list :D

Kohaku Blaze

Kohaku Blaze :o Brings out the importance of Medicene so well!

Sae Rose

Sae Rose Avyn! I love it!! And also, yes, go take Med Training. Best class. <3

Missing Camper

Missing Camper Awesome job Avyn!

Celeste Grayson

Celeste Grayson :D I love it so much Avyn!!!

Luna Umbra

Luna Umbra This is a beautiful job, Avyn! I'm looking forward to reading more.

Skyler Hallows

Skyler Hallows Amazing job, Avy! :D

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